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Nonfiction Books 

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Dirty Rotten Criminals by James Bauhaus
The Voice of a Crack Addict by Cory Runge
Illusions of the Game by David Perryman
LAMPS: Look At My Prison Staff by Gerrard Jones
The Literary Vault of Vernon Nelson by Vernon Nelson
Muslim Mormon Koran by Robert Robinson
Letters from Prison by David Perryman
Short, Arduous Journals by James Bauhaus
The Strangeness of It All by Timothy Bazrowx
The Rez Dog, Lonesome Sam by Rick Berg III
The Manipulated and Manipulative by Jamaar Melon
Sex, Secrets and Nashville by Rick Ryan
Gods in Our Time by Harold Yaritz
True Prison Stories by Ernest Jack
Byzantine Dew by Stefan Crisbasan
The Golf Guy: Perfect Practice Makes Perfect by Robert Restivo
Social Pragmatism by James Bauhaus
How to Cook Out in Prison by Luis Villegas
The Young Black Gentleman by Felton Matthews Jr.
Love, Sex and Homelessness in the 1990s by Felton Matthews Jr.
Hell on Earth
by Brian Baxter
The Audacious Sacrifice from the Death Watch by Richard Tabler
Becoming Enlarged Thru God's Spirit in Christ, in Us by Troy Spencer
Sex, Money, Murder by Wilberto Belardo
In Between Two Angels or Strangers by Butch Corliss
Short But True Sex Stories by Rick Bryan
Michael Angel Michael Bonds by Michael Forrest
Illywhacked by William Montez
The Sexiest Social Service Technician by Michael Forrest
A World Without Why by William C. Crabbe
God is Killing Me by Thellas Sanders III
To Protect and Serve the Unborn by James Knepp
Sun...Darkness...Moon...Blood by Christopher Gerlach
The Kingdom of Erotes by Dennis Mintun
Destiny by Perry Patterson
ABBA Journal Volume 1 by Robert Bartlett Sr.
Steps Towards Freedom by Patrick Pearson
Evrika by Stefan Crisbasan
Freedom From Deceptions by Ray Aguirre
Laughs From the SHU by Walter Allen
Georgia Style by Joel Cliett
Help's Most Wanted: Techniques for Today's Urban Fiction Writer
by Trevor Austin
Learning Polish Can Be Both Fun and Rewarding by Steven Lukowich
Chanting on a Wild Beach During Karttika Rains: A Karma-Yogi's Journal by Michael Bonc
The Firehouse Journals by Alan Courtney
Crime: The Offender Solutions by Alfred Brooks
If and the Evidence by Howard Traylor
Who Said a Christian Should Be Poor by Michael Hunt
The Emperor Has No Clothes by Omar Ali-Sistrunk
The Broken Elbow Archives 2009-2012
by Robert Bartlett Sr.
Faith Based: A Prisoner's Journal of the Faith and Character Based Program by Joseph Apgar
Ambition as a Ridah: From Street Dreaming to Living Nightmare by Demetrics McCauley
Words in Flight by Jermont Cox
Texas Death Row Critic Throw's Prison Officials Under the Bus by Richard Tabker
The Autobiography of Love by Felton Matthews Jr.
Innocent's Guide to Avoiding False Conviction by James Bauhaus
The Prison Softball Diaries by Craig Elias
State Stock Under Corporate Lock by Michael Forrest
Trouble Life by Michael Landers
The James Wiley Prison Project by James Wiley
Who, What and Why by Ronald Halkman Jr (coming soon)
La Revancha by Yumil Perez
The Watchman Prophecy by William Knowles
Technological Conspiracy by Vincent Johnson
Incarceration by Richard Bailey
What You Can't Do....Shouldn't Stop You From What You Can Do! by Eugene Youngblood
It's Never Just One Thing by Beau Hansen
Submerged by Sheena King
Diplomatic Negotiator by Clarence Gipbsin
The Crucifixion by Matthew Johnson
Pennsylvania Imprisons Blacks at Highest Rate by Leonard Jefferson
Sayings in Christ, Book II by Stefan Crisbasan
Consequences of Apathy by James Bauhaus
Sayings in Christ by Stefan Crisbasan
So You May Be Going to Jail and/or Prison by Bill Carey
Dreams are Not Made of Stone by David Lusik
A Good Man is Not Hard to Find by Hifiece R. Salters
Biography of a Little Girl by Jonathan C. Holeman
Death by Deception by Samuel Barlow
Perpetual Memory by Samuel Barlow
Letters to My Imprisoned Father by Darrin Sobin
Set Up: A True Story of Government Corruption and the Framing of an Innocent Man by Adam Martin
Comfort to the Capital by Robert M. Reagan
Dispelling Illusions: A Prisoner's Journal by Michael L. Bonic
Tolerance by Larry Jager
Never Ending Nightmare by Larry Harris
Term by Michael Gonzales
Life in the Notorious Supermax by Sean Anthony Riker
On the Run, Having Fun by Sean Anthony Riker
Malicious Prosecutions Incorporated by Michael Forrest
New Look at Joe DiMaggio by Gene McCann
Solving Resistance/Impedance Network Values by Paul Schlueter III
Original Guitar Audio Designs by Paul Schlueter III
Innocent Criminal by Sean Riker
Sound Shaping: A Primer for Live-Sound Technicians by Paul Schlueter III
Erie, Pennsylvania's Betrayal of Child by Ricardo Noble
Islam: The Misunderstood Religion by Minister Khalil
The Young African American's Survival Guide by Kenneth West
No Holds Barred by Samuel Barlow
Frank: A Book for Women...About Men by Michale J. Anderson
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