Prisons Foundation, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit (IRS tax #72-1571614), seeks a more creative and fulfilling  world for both incarcerated and free citizens

Novels and Short Story Collections

Click title below to read or download book selected. More books are now being prepared for publication here. Please check back soon. Thank you for your donation that makes this publishing program possible.

Bad and Selfish by Alfredo Colon
Fist Full of Tears by Abraham McFadden
Ad Infinitum Paisant
by Steve Williams
A Dreamful Life by Rashid Holbrook
Cry Smiling by Darrell Jones
The Legend of the Red Dragon by Timothy Martin
Breach of Security by Charles Diorio
One Hundred by Gerald Wright
Temptation of Love by Dino Schwertz
Janickle by David Perryman
Young and Dumb by Michael Walker
The Camp Hill Riots: Blood and the Brass Key by Wade Lee
From Streets to Legend by Titus Batts-Bey
26 Mafia by Christopher Johnson
Love is Blind by TyJuane Pridgen
Subconscious by Titus Batts-Bey
The Prophet by Mark Crawford
Georgia Style-Ballaz by Joel Cliett
Busy Body by Johnny Green
The Boatman by Chezeray Moore
The Coldest Summer by Richard Atkins Jr.
B-Town by Corey Greene
The Moral Dilemma by Dennis Mintun
The Mirror Series by Aaron Burns
High Noon by Dion Dennis
Losing It Again by Sean Riker
Consider the Lilies by Tod Gordon
The General by Steven Powell
Carolina Turf by Rosha Bennett
Zu Zus and Wham Whams by Aaron Lindh
Into the Night With the Klan by Ernest Jack
Denied by Butch Corliss
Pain by DeAndre Barnes
Straight Jackin by Kordy Rice
Wanted None But the Lawless by Edward Corliss
UFO: Rodents in Trouble by Howard Brown
Freedom Run by Ernest Jack
A Story of Kena and Hard by Howard Brown
The Diary of Brenden Adam Walker
by Sean Riker
Paradise by Sean Riker
Puppets in the Attic by Richard Sanchez
Run Charlie Run by Charles Diorio
In Prose by Aaron Lindh
What Love Cost by Michael Wattington
Behind These Walls by Steven Powell
A Manipulating Mind of a Black Woman by Christopher Oxendine
Old JD was a Friend of Mine by Aaron Lindh
Hard Hearted by Abraham McFadden
Strategy by Tyrone Adger
Samuel's Grace by Tod Gordon
 Bullets Ain't Got No Names
by Thomas Taylor
Manhood: Cause You're Born a Male Don't Mean You'll Grow Up a Man by Melvin Alston
Fatal Female by Rick Bryan
Connected by Alvin Jones Jr.
On the Eve of a Cold Soul by Roberto Olivas
My Book of Poems by Anthony Teogue
Lady Strong Arm: The Shirley Jones Story by Albert Henry
Jokin and Drinkin by Walter Allen
Young N Gettin It by Victor Mayfield
Terror Shakes the Ghetto by Dennis Shaw
Spiritual Jokes by Lonnie Wooten
Rape, It Can't Happen to Me by Wilbur Brown
Meet Money by Jaime Rodriguez
Tonyah the Princess Tiger by Rosha Bennett
Unacceptable Risk by Cameron Vernon
Inside the Joint and My Mind by Jerold Olsen
Established Chaos by Cameron Vernon
What's Understood Ain't Gotta Be Said by Lamont Childs
The New Scarlet Letter by Felton Matthews Jr.
Trunk Boyz by James Smith
Boss Playa by Jermaine Carpenter
Chew Ave by James Smith
Before the Cotton Blooms by Warner Curles
A Thugs Story by Lamond Garrett
Losing It by Sean Riker
Studs N Fems by Tiera Smith
Saving Our Own by Kirk Moore
Uptown Baby !! by James Smith
Mother Made You, Mother Had You, Mother Fuck You by Kenneth Reyes
Uptown Baby by James Smith
Saving Our Own II by Kirkton Moore
Second Chances by Eddie Zayas
The Savior Quest by Robert Cook Jr.
The Widow's Friend by Warner Curles
Comedy Central in America by Richard G. Grosso
Old House on the River by Aaron T. Richards
Our Last Week of School by Wade D. Lee
The Agreement by Warner Curles
Changing by Aaron T, Richards
Having a Good Time by Shawn Sampson
Sometimes, the Heart by Rafael Vasquez
Onyx, In Darkness by James Bauhaus
Ambition: A Moral Allegory by Derrick Steilman
My Ladiez by Shawn Sampson
The Unwilling Explorer by Sean Gross
La Islas Bonita by Rafael Vasquez
A Time to Love by Warner Curles
The Legend of Marvin Beeker by R. Dean Morris
An American Tragedy by Daniel J. Houser
The Game Tell No Lies by Mark Nixon
The Prodigal Son by Mwandishi Mitchell
Lone Wolf by Ira L. Bunion Jr.
Cheap, Bitter Wine Spoiled the Party by John Raley
Snakebitten by Thomas Lee Edrington
Sunstar: The Reckoning by Robert Jones
Pimpwell: All or Nuthin' by Larry White
Easily by Robert V. Vaughn Jr.
Lost Thoughts: The War of Emotional Enslavement by Anthony T. Greene
Trina by Jeff Love
The Life and Times of Lily Marlow by R. Dean Morris
David Stone Killed Himself by Sean Anthony Riker
Helfen Mich Erfullen Schicksal by Sean Anthony Riker
Isolation by Sean Anthony Riker
Forenever Equal by Jesse Derrick Bond
Appearances Can Be Deceiving by Robert V. Vaughn Jr.
The Nowhere Man by Richard Dean Morris
Federal Nightmare by James L. Hairston
Quartz Hill by Steven Deay
Sharecroppers Son: Freedom by Ernest Jack
The Heartfelt Row by George Martorano
Satyrs and Nymphs by Carlos Zayas
Three Children's Stories by Steven Deay
Northern Fury by Brian Simmons
The Chronicles of a Gangster by Mark Nixon
The Long Long Tunnel by Thomas Henchey
Partisan Academy by Michael K. Forrest
Tales from the Inside by Vaughn Wright
Foolish Don, Books 1 and 2 by Nathaniel Upsur
Writings of Dane Toomey by Dane Toomey
Hollywood Bad Boys by Aaron Hullett
Buyer of Beauty by Aaron Hullett
State Raised by David Garcia
Race to Crack Mountain by Aaron Hullett
Release the Hounds by Aaron Hullett
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